Beethoven's "Op. 61 Violin Concerto in D Major"

Ludwig Van Beethoven wrote this piece in 1806,during the Late Classical Era (1732-approx. 1800). Beethoven is often credited for being a major contributor to the Romantic Era (approx. 1800-1850), which feature complex song structures and dissonant harmonies. This piece in particular was composed for a violinist friend of Beethoven's. At the time of it's premier, this piece was not considered to be a success and was revised for piano and orchestra under the title Opus 61a.

Here is the Beethoven Concerto in it's simple form. This version is arranged for 3-5 guitars, all at early to mid beginner skill level.

Here is the same piece with 6-12 guitars from early beginner to advanced skill levels.

Lastly, here is the entire score to the concerto.

On a side note, if you like this piece, please take a listen to it! It is worth noting that soloist Emmy Verhey is one of the finest violinists you will ever hear. Take a listen to the last violin solo at about the 20 minute mark.This is ONE violin! Notice how she starts playing 2 lines at the same time, both of them very expressive. And she is playing this entire piece from memory.

Audio Files

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Here is the .WAV file to listen to and enjoy

Here is the .MUS file to open in Finale Notepad"

Sheet Music

Here is the music for Guitar 1

Here is the music for Guitar 2

Here is the music for Guitar 3

Here is the music for Guitar 4

Here is the music for Guitar 5

Here is the music for Bass Guitar

Parts Assignments:

Violin Concerto in D

GTR 1- Spencer
GTR 2- Jake
GTR 3- Chris, Tony
GTR 4- Tonna, Bill, Randy
GTR 5- Lisa, Ocky, Elijah, Andrew
Bass- Zoey