Quarter Bend
Welcome To Quarter Bend Guitar Studio

First, download Finale Notepad. It's a free program and a highly reputable company. You will need to register with an email and password. You can opt to not receive junkmail.

You also will need to download the .mus file(s) for each individual piece. These are located on the left sidebar of the ensemble page.
Run Finale Notepad. Don't worry about a "Midi in".

Open the .mus file.

To isolate or remove your part, open the "Score Manager" from the "Window" dropdown.

Use the "S" and "M" options to Solo or Mute parts.

To practice alone, solo your guitar and the CLICK.

It is highly recommended that you do not start practing these pieces at the performance tempo. You can adjust the tempo in Finale by either typing in the desired tempo or using the up/down arrows.

When you sit down to play you parts for the first time, adjust the tempo to somewhere between 60-70. Only when you can get through the entire peice with ZERO mistakes should you increase the tempo. Gradually add 6-8 beats per minute until you are playing the song at performance tempo.

For some reason, Finale note pad has added a Grand Staff (both treble and bass clefs tied together for the same part). If your part displays "staff" directly below it, make sure you solo/mute that too. This "staff" includes the very low notes of your part. Sorry, there isn't a way to adjust this in the free version of Finale.