About the Guitar Teachers

Learn More About the Guitar Instructors:

Eric- Guitar Teacher/Owner
Mark- Guitar Teacher
Tonna- Co-Teacher
Brendan- Co-Teacher

About the Owner and Guitar Teacher:

Eric Dieter

Read about Guitar Teacher Eric Dieter in the Lancaster Newspaper

Eric Dieter has been teaching guitar lessons in Lancaster, PA since 2003 through various institutions such as Millersville and Menchey Music. He has studied music at Millersville University and Berklee College of Music. As a recording artist, he has experience with international record producers as well as home recording and everything in between. Eric has recorded on over 10 studio albums. He has consulted with numerous recording artists across the world and has composed music for an off-broadway production. As a performer, he is in an actively touring band as well as a session musician for recordings and studio work. Through these experiences, Eric can offer his students insight on how to successfully work with other musicians in the band environment, construct interesting and dynamic songs, and navigate the music business.

In addition his music education, Eric has a degree in psychology as well as numerous other behavioral health certifications. For nearly 10 years served Lancaster County’s community as Clinical Director of a behavioral health facility. His unique background in the science of human behavior and subconscious learning gives him a unique approach to musical instruction. With training in Client Centered Behavior Modification, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistics Programming, Learning and Motivation, each student will receive highly personalized and evidence-based approaches to the learning process.

Eric is an active member of ASTA (American String Teacher’s Association) and a proud member of the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle.

Eric Dieter Lancaster's Guitar Teacher

Eric is actively involved in:

  • Progressive rock band Hiding Scarlet
  • Touring with the national Synth-Pop band Hudson K
  • Jazz Trio Belle Cielo
  • Broadway-style pit musician

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 About the Co-Guitar Teachers

Mark Mara

Mark Mara has been teaching and performing guitar in Lancaster, PA for over 10 years. His formal background includes music education and classical guitar through Millersville University and music theory at Temple University. Independent studies include a focus on
jazz theory and classical guitar, and he specializes in electric and fingerstyle guitar.

His diverse knowledge of the music industry allows him to guide musicians with many interests and goals, and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.

Mark has experience in all fields of the music industry including:

• live performance (solo and ensemble work)
• composing and arranging pieces
• session work
• production
• live sound

Some of his recent and ongoing projects include:

• Jazz Trio, Belle Cielo
• Featured on four studio albums
• Composing for A.V. Knights
• Solo Classical/Jazz Performance

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About the Co-Guitar Teachers: Tonna

Tonna Dieter has been a music teacher in the Twin Valley School District for 12 years, where she teaches Elementary Strings, Middle School and High School Orchestra, General Music, Music Theory, and Guitar I and II.

She studied violin at Millersville University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music Education. Tonna also holds a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Northern Illinois University. In addition to her current teaching responsibilities she:

  • Is the Musical Director and Pit Conductor of the Twin Valley Theater Department
  • Plays violin in the rock band Hiding Scarlet
  • Has appeared on 7 studio recordings
  • Performs violin for the Berks County Opera Company
  • Plays professionally in a String Quartet
  • Developed the Guitar Curriculum for her school district
  • Has Collaborated on educational project with Mark Wood of the Transiberian Orchestra
  • Maintains a small private studio, focusing on violin and piano

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About the Co-Guitar Teachers: Brendan

Brendan Stengle has been an active musician and songwriter for over 20 years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Millersville University. His formal studies in Bass Guitar, Ear Training, Recording Technology, and Music Business make him uniquely qualified to teach students of all skill levels and interests.

Brendan is also the Assistant Executive Director at Music For Everyone, a Lancaster-based music advocacy program. Through his work there, he has designed and facilitated youth music camps, organized workshops and master classes with world-renowned musicians, and worked side-by-side with the music departments of Lancaster County schools to enhance the quality of their programs.

When Brendan isn’t creating music education opportunities for Lancaster’s youth, he has is involved with:

  • Playing as a session musician in multiple genres and styles as a recording musician, consultant, and co-writer
  • Recording 10 professional studio albums
  • Composed the music to an Off-Broadway production
  • Actively performs professionally with the following artists:
    • Hiding Scarlet
    • Justin Angelo Band
    • The Willie Marble Experience
    • Belle Cielo
    • Spherehead
    • Milllersville University Orchestra
    • And many more!

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