Lesson on Tuning a Guitar

New students often have many questions about tuning a guitar. The process is very simple! Today I’m going to show you how to use a digital tuner to tune your guitar. Some key points before we get started:
• Every practice session must begin with tuning up!
• Keep in mind that taking your guitar in and out of the case will often bump your instrument’s tuning machines.
• Changes in temperature and changes in humidity can tighten or loosen your strings.
• Even if you are a pro, tuning up backstage may not save you if you are about to walk into a hot, crowded room
• So please make sure you up when you arrive to each guitar lesson!

There are really only a few things you need to know to tune your guitar. Those things are:
1. The very basics of how most guitar tuners function
2. The names of the 6 guitar strings
3. The musical alphabet and how it repeats
4. What a sharp and a flat are

Here are a few resources I’ve put together for you on tuning your instrument:

Video (Below)
Transcript of the Video
Tuning Quiz


Pro Tips:

Stop turning the knob the moment the tuner stops giving you a reading. Then pluck the guitar string again and continue tuning. You want to get a constant reading on the tuner.

You do not need to continuously pick the string. CONSTANTLY picking the guitar string will actually give you a slightly false reading!



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